MinstaGib Mutator:


Typically known as "instagib" in most other arena shooters, MinstaGib replaces all weaponry with the MinstaNex. It is a powerful hitscan weapon that will immediately kill the target player in one shot. MinstaGib is a popular mutator that mixes well with almost all gamemodes and may be included in many Xonotic servers. When participating in a MinstaGib match, one must have particularly good aim and conserve shots whenever possible.

Mutator Details

  • MinstaNex weapon information:
    • Primary fire: Instant-kill beam; has a ~1 second recharge time, so aim wisely.
    • Secondary fire: Laser. Can be used for laserjumping or pushing other players off the map.
    • Ammunition: Cells
  • Power cell ammunition may be difficult to find on some maps, but can be picked up readily from a downed player.
  • Never run out of ammunition during a match! You will die and lose 1 point from your score should you go without ammo for 10 seconds.