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Our first announcement of this project is coming sometime after Illfonic first unveils their Nexuiz game at GDC
which is held March 9th - 13th.

Some supporting requirements before we make this announcement:

  • Setup IRC channels
  • Finish initial logo
  • Prepare website with at least
    • a simple frontpage placeholder
    • and a forum for answering questions
  • Setup twitter and facebook pages
  • An FAQ page focused on the fork
    • we'll add entries to it as we go
    • we'll refer people to this whenever we can

This announcement will be pushed out through the following channels:

  • Through the "HELP" system on popular Nexuiz servers, like Simba in Europe and HOCTF/HODM in US
  • Slashdot, digg, reddit and other social news sites
  • Nexuiz IRC channels and private messaging
  • Alientrap forum
  • Email or PM to key individuals who left Nexuiz long ago (Perhaps using AT or NN forum private messaging)

While our official project announcement is going to be very neutral, the Slashdot/digg/reddit posts will reflect more of the community's overall impression of the Illfonic issue.


The main goal for this introductory announcement is to state 1) our reasons and 2) our plans, but we will focus more on our plans. This announcement should not focus on finger-pointing. Rather, it should focus on our own values and the goals that we plan to accomplish with this new game. We will have to touch upon the broken trust that stemmed from decisions made behind closed doors. But our main goal for this announcement is to make our intentions clear, and, of course, to unveil the new name. We want to begin filling up our IRC channels and our website.

Words we will try to not use, or use limitedly:

  • Fork
  • Nexuiz
  • Alientrap
  • Illfonic

What is going on?

  1. A new game formed from the major contributors of Nexuiz GPL
  2. The name of the game is Xonotic
  3. The website is
  4. IRC channel is #xonotic on quakenet
  5. Development IRC channel is #xonotic @ freenode


  1. Trust issues
  2. A fresh start
  3. Focus on our values

Project changes

  1. Restructure project leadership for more balance
  2. Improved project organization
  3. More focus on the community
  4. Better management of marketing and public relations
  5. A more defined artistic direction
  6. More emphasis on recruiting and communicating with new contributors to the project

What will change in the game?

  1. New set of player models
  2. New player animations
  3. New set of sounds
  4. Default maps will get a makeover and new ones will be introduced
  5. New names for some weapons and game modes
  6. Improved bot AI system
  7. Increased quality and detail of textures


  1. We can't give a timeline at this moment, but we will try to produce our first release as soon as we can
  2. Instead, we will invite people to our IRC channels and to our website to keep updated

The name

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Most voted by the team
  3. Other reasons about why we chose the name


  1. We appreciate everyone's support
  2. We will try to be open and supportive with new potential contributors (as opposed to an "I'm too 1337 for you" attitude)
  3. We want to keep an active flow of information among the team members
  4. We look forward to creating a game that everyone will enjoy

Details or topics we will not mention in our announcement

(better to spread them out for future announcements)
  1. Central user system
  2. Website features
  3. Details about roles