Sound FX contributions


(This was copied from the Music contributors page and modified. Needs more refinement.)

Foley Artist Sound Pack Status Notes
tenshihan Sound Pack v6.6 (S: None) ADDED Created immediately after Xonotic fork, before the name was chosen.

Status legend

  • PENDING LICENSE: Being reviewed for licensing and attribution.
  • NEXT POLL: The track will appear in the next poll
  • REJECTED: Sound pack was decided to not to be used in Xonotic for now. However, a new map using that track, especially if it works very well with it, can possibly bring the track "back to life".
  • PARTIAL: Some sounds are accepted for us in Xonotic.
  • ACCEPTED: the pack accepted for use in Xonotic.
  • ADDED: the sounds has been added to the git repository

Potential contributors

People interested in contributing sounds:
  • T0olbox