Team Deathmatch (TDM)

Object of the Game

The gameplay of Team Deathmatch (TDM) is very similar to Deathmatch (DM), but the players are divided into two teams (Red and Blue) and are pitted against each other. Here, teammates may need to communicate with one another to ensure victory.
  • Each kill you make (known in-game as a frag) awards your player 1 point.
  • You will lose 1 point if you suicide (e.g. fall off the map into space, sink into lava, or kill yourself with a weapon).
  • You will lose 1 point should you frag a teammate, otherwise known as Friendly Fire (NOTE: Only if the match has FF enabled).
  • The team that collectively scores 50 points first wins the match.

Map Entities

  • Weapons - These can be picked up from various places around the map or from a downed player.
  • Ammo - These may be found in the form of shells, bullets, rockets, jet fuel, or power cells.
  • Powerups - All maps have "Health" and "Armor" powerups, which extend your lifetime. Some maps may contain powerups like “Strength” or “Shield” (which usually spawn every 2 minutes).

Helpful Hints and Tips

  • Always keep moving. This can be especially true for smaller maps and/or very crowded matches. If you stay in one place for too long, you risk becoming an easy target.
  • If your map contains powerups such as the ones mentioned above, make good use of them. They can be useful tools to win a match!
  • Keep your suicides at a minimum. Your point counter can enter into the negatives, so always avoid self-injury.
  • Using team binds like “Enemy seen” are useful here and can be used to alert teammates of an enemy presence.

List of Demos and Videos

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