Weapons Makeover

New Weapon Proposals:

I would like to see some defensive weapons. These weapons are designed primarily with CTF and carnage in mind. My playing style in CTF is attack, shoot the disorient and capture the flag. In many cases, disorienting players is a much more efficient way to attack a base. Leaving them with 30HP, can often be better offense then killing them, unless they're on your tail. I am saying that I would like to propose a secondary weapon to the laser.

Weapon 1: "Nanobot Coordinator Gun"
Rough Synopsis: A weapons that has only defensive functions. It could go many ways, but here are my thoughts which could add a very interesting dimension to game play.
  • Primary Fire: Consumes armor to give temporary shielding from energy attacks, rendering the Nex, Electro, etc. useless when shot. Maybe the weapons' push could still affect the player. But this would be very useful against camping, and could function as sort of an anti-camping weapon. I personally like it when players camp because there is always a way around it. If you had this weapon, you could charge right into them before they can get whatever other weapon they had.
  • Secondary Fire:

Weapon 2: "Power Fist"