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Toggle_check # Tracker Priority Status Subject Category Assignee Target version
1749 FeatureLowNewVoices in other languages.SoundsbitbombLater
1740 FeatureLowFeedbackAdd a 'vcall mercylimit <X>' vote possibilityGame LogicLater
1736 FeatureNormalNewImprove and clean game documentation on game modes and mutatorsDocumentationLater
1730 FeatureNormalNewVR Googles supportGraphicsLater
1414 FeatureNormalNewWay for server code to tell client to switch player anim right away.Later
1411 FeatureNormalNewPort Automatic-hole-filling from MeshLab to darkplacesLater
1376 FeatureNormalNewTrying to mix the colors in gl_rmain.c for textureavg +pants shirt in showsurfaces3Later
1375 BugNormalNewWhen fighting turrets when in vehicle sometimes a crash "NULL function in server". .. Happens other times too, when there's lots going onGame LogicLater
1346 FeatureLowNewAutomatic machine translator in game chatLater
1308 BugNormalNew[OK] Grenade kills are not shown correctly in the gameMods / UnofficialMorphedLater
1302 BugNormalNew[OK] Superweapon switches to lastweapon after timeoutMods / UnofficialtZorkLater
1272 BugNormalFeedbackbot laser performanceBotsmand1ngaLater
1271 BugLowNewSimple Items are drawn before decalsLater
1260 FeatureNormalNewParallax occlusion mappingEngineLater
1213 FeatureNormalNewShow shots left instead of ammoHUDDebuggerLater
1194 BugLowNewCaulk Selection button rescales incorrectlyNetradiantLater
1179 BugNormalNewMissing lighting in drainMapskuniu_the_froggLater
1155 BugLowNewBall trough the wall the tube, in NexBallArena.MapsMirioLater
1117 BugNormalNewForum threads from home page are not viewable by unauthenticated usersWebsiteantibodyLater
948 BugNormalNewvehicles: landing plane on ramp may speed it up when taking of againVehiclestZorkLater
942 FeatureNormalNewSuggestion: Full Loop (or N loops) setting for randomwarpzone setsEngineLater
926 SupportNormalNewStrange errors when adding a new weaponLater
871 FeatureLowNewcvar for proper obj rotation support.EngineLater
798 FeatureLowNewOrders to bot.Botsmand1ngaLater
696 FeatureLowNewWebsite translationWebsite-z-Later
615 BugNormalNewOld modelsmand1ngaLater
537 FeatureLowIn ProgressWeapon introductory video: ElectroPublic MediaC.BrutailLater
255 SupportLowNewVisual image analyzer for weapon statistics (a tool)DocumentationSamualLater
203 FeatureNormalNewtarget_speaker spawnflagsGame LogicGrasshopperLater
172 FeatureNormalNewIRC java applet for #xonotic.pickup on xonotic.orgWebsitezykureLater

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