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Toggle_check # Tracker Priority Status Subject Category Assignee Target version
1944 FeatureNormalNewShow "daily stats" on the frontpageWebpageantibody
1833 FeatureNormalNewAdd awards and damage given/received
1831 BugNormalNewXonStat Weapon Damage graph multiple issuesWebpageantibody
1830 BugNormalNewXonStat Weapon Accuracy 300% on graphWebpage
1700 FeatureNormalNewShow a birthday cake next to a player nick on their join anniversaryWebpageantibody
1665 FeatureNormalNewPlayer order on scoreboard in TDMXonstat Logicantibody
1516 FeatureLowNew"Most active maps" per gametypeWebpagezykure
1404 FeatureNormalNewStore available gametypes and mods in the server tableDatabaseantibody
1403 BugHighNewserver hostname length restrictionsWebpageantibody
1401 FeatureNormalIn ProgressAdd teamscoresWebpagezykure
1386 BugNormalNewrevision in server information page is not updatedantibody
1385 FeatureNormalNewAdd fields to support Freezetag and LMS to XonstatDBDatabaseantibody
1325 BugNormalNewBadges: Ranks not updated if player was inactiveantibody
1279 FeatureNormalIn ProgressAdd elo/kill/win graph or something similarWebpageantibody
1228 FeatureNormalNewShow weekly/monthly timer on the player_info pageantibody
1156 BugNormalNewGrappling Hook Hit % Messed Upantibody
1097 BugNormalIn ProgressSome unicode characters aren't translated in stripped_nickDatabaseantibody
1076 FeatureNormalNewSupport CTS rankingsDatabaseantibody
1056 FeatureNormalNewAdd ability to search by multiple nicks on the search page and also player profileServer Codeantibody
933 FeatureLowNewShow global averages and such for different stats (like accuracy)Databaseantibody
894 FeatureNormalNewStore impure cvar changes on the server tableDatabaseantibody
858 FeatureNormalNewShow gametype specific metrics per-serverWebpagezykure
790 BugNormalNewCreate a "blacklist" and "whitelist" modeServer Codeantibody
764 BugNormalNewLMS table broken in games viewWebpageantibody
747 FeatureNormalNewAccuaracy IdeasWebpagezykure
717 BugNormalFeedback"joins" player event missing if player is dead upon endmatchServer CodeSamual0.8


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