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Reported issues: 13


10:54 am Xonotic Bug #1271 (New): Simple Items are drawn before decals
See this:


01:38 pm Xonotic Feature #1269 (New): "Minimal" HUD should be available in the menu
Some checkbox/button to switch between the default and the minimal HUD would be nice, so that you can enable it witho...


02:26 pm Xonotic Patches #1202: French translation updates
I ended up editing a lot of files, here's a zip instead:
01:25 pm Xonotic Feature #1203 (New): Add a "text shadow" checkbox
The font tends to look much better with a shadow. Perhaps it should have the ability to be toggled using a checkbox, ...
12:42 pm Xonotic Patches #1202: French translation updates
Updated (added "enable built in mouse acceleration" translation).
12:38 pm Xonotic Patches #1202 (Resolved): French translation updates
- fixes the report in console about the "x lost the flag"
- fixes missing letters
- fixes "view settings" being wro...


01:52 pm Xonotic Bug #1177 (Rejected): Performance drops when scoring a flag in CTF
Due to the amount of particles created when scoring a flag in CTF, there is a performance drop (usually falls to 10-1...


10:31 pm Xonotic Bug #1166 (New): Gun model bobbing is broken when descending slopes
Self-explanatory, it is easily testable on runningman and sandstorm. The gun model with just randomly shake when gun ...


12:51 pm Xonotic Bug #1103 (New): Playermodels seen through warpzones always use the lowest quality
As seen on this screenshot:
Even if the playermodel is very...


02:16 pm Xonotic Bug #1038 (Closed): Capitalizatiion (and more) issues in death messages
Mainly in death messages, there are some capitalization mistakes and such: "mlrs turret", "minstanex", "hagar"...

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