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03:09 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: Wiki (#120)


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08:42 pm Forums Feature #1510: New category: Media
Somehow I fail to see how this would make videos not get lost? We will have a lot of video audio image posts in there...
08:36 pm Forums Feature #1520: Merge Community Contest and Tournaments
Yes well why do we need to vote on this even.
08:35 pm Forums Feature #1521: Remove Planning section
What's the planning section?
Oh. Ok, agreed.
08:34 pm Forums Feature #1522: Rename Map Releases & Reviews into Mapping
Hmm so we will have a mapping section that has subsections for "Mapping" and "Map Releases"? I think a dedicated subs...


07:03 pm Xonotic Bug #1459: Models lack animations
Setting r_glsl_skeletal to "0" fixes this.
GPU: Nvidia GTX 560
Driver: 313.26
Xonotic version: xonotic-v0.6.0-13...
06:39 pm Xonotic Bug #1459 (Resolved): Models lack animations
With latest autobuild the models are not animated at all anymore - they're just totally stiff with arms spread apart ...
06:37 pm Xonotic Bug #1458 (Feedback): Dead players can be pushed around even when their body disappears
I saw the name tag of a player where that player apparently got fragged (player was inactive). I was able to move tha...

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