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08:37 pm Xonotic Revision 918a908d (xonotic): Wait about 5 minutes before showing info about newly generated
screenshots on IRC.
This allows srv02.xonotic.org to host static-only pages instead. Faster,
more secure, less heart...


12:28 pm Xonotic Revision a2fe6438 (xonotic-data): Slightly improve the Makefile.


11:25 am Xonotic Revision fca9d306 (xonotic-data): Merge branch 'master' into samual/weapons
11:25 am Xonotic Revision 5a4b9946 (xonotic-data): Fix more ##.
11:24 am Xonotic Revision 710590f6 (xonotic-data): Fix wrong use of ##.


11:49 am Xonotic Bug #1947: Font loading broken on Linux @ 0.7.0 + beta build
Oh, and which version of libfreetype? That may find something in their changelog.
11:48 am Xonotic Bug #1947: Font loading broken on Linux @ 0.7.0 + beta build
No idea yet, can anyone try digging into this? I have no Debian unstable available to reproduce this. Doesn't happen ...


03:41 pm Xonotic Revision 55fd2b04 (xonotic-data): Warpzone fixes for arc; use quadratic spline now.
NOTE: beam tightness may need higher settings now.
NOTE: open bug: when walking through a warpzone, the beam doesn't...


07:51 pm Xonotic Revision 04675cff (xonotic-data): WZ fixes.
11:41 am Xonotic Revision 05460a0f (xonotic-data): By default, show changed cvars only.

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