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10:59 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: Grappling_Hook (#2)
Really bad ammo mistake fixed :/
10:54 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: Grappling_Hook (#1)
Typed up initial page explaining the usage of the grappling hook.
06:04 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: MinstaGib (#1)
Created initial page describing the mutator and weapon.
04:34 am Xonotic Wiki edit: Team_Deathmatch (#5)
Organized objectives and added some tips & entities.
03:02 am Xonotic Wiki edit: Basic_mapping_in_Radiant (#9)
Writing consistency improved a bit.
02:13 am Xonotic Wiki edit: Deathmatch (#4)
Some writing cleanup and elaboration here. Expanded map entities and added tips.


01:33 am Xonotic Wiki edit: Pr (#32)


09:58 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: Introduction_to_QuakeC (#6)
Revamped some formatting & cleared up some disambiguation.
09:25 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: Weapons_Makeover (#3)
Improved some format. Hopefully kept the message clear... =\


09:36 pm Xonotic Bug #281: Warpzones in runningman
Ah, I see! So this isn't really a bug then? I guess not.

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