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11:29 pm Xonotic Bug #1802 (Unlikely or Unfixable): map voting - if-you-see-this-the-code-is-broken
I have setup a server with very basic conifg......


01:41 pm Xonotic Bug #1721 (New): rotating spawnpoints - effect location fails
If a spawnpoint is rotated (moved around an origin with given radius), the spawnpoint effect does not show
1) where ...


11:19 pm Xonotic Bug #1660 (Resolved): global banlist


06:47 pm Xonotic Bug #1598: CA - weapon switch before round begins
the start weapon is defined by weapon priority (*cl_weaponpriority*) - (it is not always nex)
06:30 pm Xonotic Bug #1599 (New): Several CA/FT bugs
1) Weapon switch before round begins not possible
Players cannot switch weapons during round countdown.
06:29 pm Xonotic Bug #1598 (Closed): CA - weapon switch before round begins
It is not possible to change weapons before round starts.
All players have to use nex.
06:20 pm Xonotic Bug #1597 (Resolved): telefrag notification


06:17 pm Xonotic Bug #1559 (Resolved): idle timer continues to count even when player moves again
The 10 seconds timer before a player gets kicked (time limit set by *sv_maxidle*) always
counts until 0 even the pl...


12:03 pm Xonotic Bug #1466: hud notification system - cts race times not displayed
ompload image deleted... new image uploaded
11:01 am Xonotic Bug #1476 (Resolved): notification system - cts - message of not broken best time is wrong

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