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05:25 pm Xonotic Support #1773 (Resolved): map compile server down
it seems like a map compile server is not avaliable for several days already, as there were several map branches upda...


10:51 pm Xonotic Bug #1679: Silent-Siege map bug
ok, it seems to be caused by a playerclip patch that is attached to such elements. Will fix as soon as possible.
10:46 pm Xonotic Bug #1679: Silent-Siege map bug
ok sometimes patches get buggy, i will consider redesigning those elements.


10:59 pm Xonotic Bug #1179: Missing lighting in drain
not sure if i can do anything about it, i just checked, light entities are there and seem fine. I have no idea why th...


10:34 pm Xonotic Revision b7641585 (xonotic-maps): more clipping, texture alignments, minor architecture changes, ...


12:08 am Xonotic Revision 7a224ecd (xonotic-maps): Silent Siege - duel/ffa map by Justin
11:25 pm Xonotic Revision d0799354 (xonotic-maps): small revision
11:19 pm Xonotic Revision 63ee5b0b (xonotic-maps): another try
10:35 pm Xonotic Revision c72a98a5 (xonotic-maps): new mappic, more playerclip, fix spawnpoint error
07:46 pm Xonotic Revision ece14451 (xonotic-maps): new mappic, updated mapinfo, final polishing of item layout and...

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