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10:15 pm Xonstat Bug #738 (Resolved): The Javascript data grid plugin causes sorting issues
This was fixed in commit db47e94


11:02 pm Xonstat Revision 2e7690dc (xonstat): Merge branch 'master' of
10:59 pm Xonstat Revision db47e94e (xonstat): Fixed sorting of leaderboard table (Bug #738) with a datatables plugin.
Also, default sorting in recent games was changed to be descending
(Newer games at the top)
10:42 pm Xonstat Bug #764 (New): LMS table broken in games view
The table for lms is broken somehow (no header), which breaks table sorting from there on.
04:49 pm Xonstat Revision 5d56670f (xonstat): Gametype icons added


08:40 pm Xonstat Bug #734 (Resolved): Do not show "More games played by <player>" if all games are already shown
Patch attached.


09:10 pm Xonotic Feature #696 (New): Website translation
It would be cool if the website were available in diferent languages (more public can be atracted to the game). I off...

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