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09:12 pm Xonotic Bug #1273 (Feedback): Suicide mistaken for kill
09:11 pm Xonotic Bug #1273: Suicide mistaken for kill
Seems more feature than bug ;) Still .. can you please upload a demo file displaying the situation _However, many kil...
09:09 pm Xonotic Bug #1272 (Feedback): bot laser performance
What skill level were you using when you've experienced this? If you were using 10 or above then I'm afraid that's ho...


09:26 pm Xonstat Feature #1102: If a player's nick is blank, show "(blank)" instead of nothing.
Is this for Xonotic or XonStat? in any case please move it to ;)
09:17 pm Xonotic Bug #1120: Last player to be fragged isn't killed
Can someone post a demo of this?
09:16 pm Xonotic Bug #1123 (Unlikely or Unfixable): Cbrutali and MrBougo moderate the forum
09:15 pm Xonotic Bug #1123: Cbrutali and MrBougo moderate the forum
.. and now you're banned from this tracker too, enjoy!


11:35 pm Xonotic Bug #1114 (Rejected): When Decals on models is enabled, If I shoot someone, there should be a blo...
Duplicated with #1115
Thanks for making our lives easier pal
11:24 pm Xonotic Bug #1119 (Rejected): Netradiant nolonger compiles


12:52 am Xonotic Merge Requests Patches #609 (Feedback): Merge in xonotic/xonotic-maps.pk3dir.git: theshadow/aqueous

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