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11:47 am Xonotic Bug #1475 (Resolved): Gap next to Mega Health on Solarium
On Solarium the megahealth sits on a grating. To each side of it there is a small gap. On one of the sides you can ...


09:13 pm Xonotic Bug #1261: 0.6.0 segmentation fault on Linux ~ every half hour
Can't confirm this issue. Using Xonotic 0.6 or Git on Arch Linux x86-64 I have no stability issues. Any output to t...


07:50 pm Xonotic Bug #1265 (Closed): 'Runningman' warp zones look broken at a distance
In runningman when one of the warpzones in the central section is viewed from as far back as you can aginst the wall,...


10:58 pm Xonotic Feature #1250 (Closed): Switch i686 release march flag to 'pentium3'
Currently the 32 bit engines are built for an i686 with MMX, ie Pentium 2 or later. With the realistically much high...
01:42 pm Xonotic Bug #1249 (New): Nexuiz tutorial sound clips are still in data pk3
in the data pk3 the old Nexuiz tutorial sound clips can still be found in sound/tutorial. These should be removed un...


06:21 am Xonotic Bug #1184: Xonotic disables Wi-Fi (OSX)
So what was the solution then? Can this be closed or is something still required?


11:47 pm Xonotic Bug #1215 (New): 'Lightspeed' appears unplayable when OpenGL 2.0 is disabled/not available
When playing Lightspeed (as a local game in this case), the map appeared all black with player models rendered unusua...


11:40 am Xonotic Merge Requests Patches #1205 (Resolved): Big Benchmark patch to exit on normal in case vid_gl20=0
If vid_gl20=0 (useful for old and broken graphics drivers) then currently the higher video modes will be rendered inc...

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