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10:24 pm Xonotic Bug #1263: Repetead jump sound on xoylent
This is a bug in the physics engine that I've noticed in other maps too. The sound is not the worst thing that it can...
10:20 pm Xonotic Bug #1265: 'Runningman' warp zones look broken at a distance
Yes, _kuniu_the_frogg_ is probably right, and I've seen the same behavior in other maps.


06:11 pm Xonotic Feature #1255: Typefragging changes
I include the patch I just made, which applies the changes described in the first paragraph: when a player is hit, hi...


09:16 am Xonotic Feature #1255: Typefragging changes
Yes, I was just thinking about movement-based detection. Also there could be some setting to disable that sound for y...


10:15 am Xonotic Feature #1255 (Resolved): Typefragging changes
When someone pushes me into the abyss, with a laser or whatever, I often type something like "n1", but it causes the ...


04:32 pm Xonotic Bug #1168 (Resolved): Encoding problems in Ukrainian translation
When Ukrainian translation is selected, some text in the menu appears as jibberish. For example, instead of "Інструме...

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