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05:56 pm Xonotic Bug #1949 (Resolved): Typo in command description for cl_reticle_stretch
04:55 pm Xonotic Bug #1633: Translation issues
Translation files have been updated lately, I would have liked to see this change already in master before that so th...
04:46 pm Xonotic Merge Requests Patches #1936: xonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/gametype_votes: a L merge request: Adds a gametype vote ...
These strings got removed but maybe they are useful to highlight any bug that will arise. DivVerent should know bette...
04:40 pm Xonotic Revision a0b6c819 (xonotic-data): Gametype vote screen by Melanosuchus


03:02 pm Xonotic Merge Requests Patches #1982: darkplaces:terencehill/keys_fixes: a M merge request: Some fixes to the keyboard h...
I can't compile GLX so "GLX: Add numlock, scrollock and capslock keys" is untested but it's likely to work.
If any...


08:59 pm Xonotic Merge Requests Patches #1979: xonotic-data.pk3dir:Mario/round_jump_fix: a S merge request: Fixes players being a...
I think that letting players jump when the game isn't started yet is harmless and somehow funny (you have something t...


10:50 pm Xonotic Revision 6c2918a3 (xonotic-data): Forbid capslock and numlock from being bound in the menu


03:04 pm Xonotic Revision 35d70b5c (xonotic): Add missing dependency for sdl compilation under mingw32


01:02 am Xonotic Bug #1943 (New): Notification cvar descriptions issues
#1 Since I couldn't understand immediately the description of notification_allow_chatboxprint, I suggest a slightly m...


11:56 am Xonotic Bug #1926 (Feedback): notification_CHOICE_CTF_PICKUP_ENEMY 2 doesn't work
I've made a patch to fix this issue, MR at http://dev.xonotic.org/issues/1933

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