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06:36 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: Mapping-Setup (#6)
06:35 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: Mapping-Setup (#5)


08:03 pm Xonotic Bug #1475: Gap next to Mega Health on Solarium
solarium has a lot of issues ... so I guess it would be good to fix them all at once
list so far ::
-- overall p...


06:49 pm Xonotic Feature #1282: Document func_door_rotating, trigger_reverse in entities.def
wait ... so rotating doors on non-z axis defiantly does not work?
so I wasn't doing anything wrong ... its just brok...
06:44 pm Xonotic Feature #1372: Spawn Strength and Shield at the same time
As always ... I support things that give mappers more options ... so ...
yeah ...
I support this
06:15 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: Mapping-entity-func_button (#2)
06:11 pm Xonotic Bug #1459: Models lack animations
curious hutty is wondering if this is the first step toward ragdoll animation (or some other cool animated thing)


05:27 pm Xonotic Bug #1326: Firing weapon on map "dfwc03-2" crashes game with signal 11
unfortunately the pk3 has no .map file ...
so its not fixable through recompiling ...
do you know how this wa...
05:21 pm Xonotic Feature #1346: Automatic machine translator in game chat
seems like an interesting idea ...
should have some way to differentiate translated text from regular text though .....


06:44 pm Xonotic Wiki edit: Roles (#12)

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