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06:31 am Xonotic Patches #855: Mod: Chaos-esque Xonotic.
Any chance of making a forum post related to this? i'd like to see some gameplay video :D


04:15 pm Xonotic Bug #1340 (New): [Usability] Player placeholder text confuses new users
A lot of new players type their desired handle without removing the placeholder "player" text.
the placeholder tex...


06:00 am Xonotic Bug #1334 (Resolved): HUD panels sized to take up the full screen can no longer be resized.
When a HUD panel is resized to take up the entire screen using the HUD editor it can not be resized to become smaller...


09:51 pm Xonotic Merge Requests Patches #1328: Merge in xonotic/xonotic-data.pk3dir.git: cbrutail/soelen_strenght
Samual is right about the colouring feeling... off, but there's been talk about changing how the quad and shield effe...


03:34 am Xonotic Bug #1326 (Feedback): Firing weapon on map "dfwc03-2" crashes game with signal 11
Bug reported by lucky1, I just filed it here.
version used: xonotic 0.6.0 ("MQC Build information: xonotic...


08:46 am Xonotic Bug #1298 (Feedback): standing in a generator when it spawns causes heavy server issues
Standing in the generator remains on Newtonian nightmare causes severe packet loss and low FPS if the generator spawn...


10:35 pm Xonotic Bug #1290 (New): View bobbing should be turned of upon entering a vehicle.
View bobbing makes vehicles almost unplayable. The cockpit model obstructs vision and breaks target lock-on in the ra...

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