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10:33 am Xonotic Bug #1750 (Unlikely or Unfixable): Xonotic excepts libjpeg 80
noone really ships this revision. Should break almost all linux builds which use the system libjpeg.
Workaround: R...


08:34 pm Xonotic Bug #1744 (Closed): Crash when joining game
Ok Fix is:
Check out random branches, Revert to random points in the history, And then do make clean
(Or direct...
08:06 pm Xonotic Bug #1744 (Closed): Crash when joining game
Client crashs when connecting to the server after loading of the data is done making playing impossible.
See attac...


06:03 pm Xonotic Merge Requests Patches #1608: Merge in xonotic/xonotic.git: matthiaskrgr/all_grep
I do not really like this. the all script is already kind of weird and non standard (but its current commands make se...
08:22 am Xonotic Revision ebcb2408 (xonotic-data): Merge branch 'master' into ablu/overkillmerge2
08:17 am Xonotic Revision 099e1bdf (xonotic-data): Merge branch 'master' into ablu/overkillmerge2


01:01 am Xonotic Bug #1322: Strength lasts forever in vehicles
Applied in changeset xonotic-data|commit:cf4f14fd238b2c18c077e43b005979f36bad5e61.
08:54 pm Xonotic Bug #1322 (In Progress): Strength lasts forever in vehicles
Merge request: http://dev.xonotic.org/issues/1684
08:52 pm Xonotic Revision cf4f14fd (xonotic-data): Fixed infinite strength in vehicle
Fixes: #1322.
08:12 pm Xonotic Revision 1078d034 (xonotic-data): Removed commented out code
If somebody needs it is is in git history anyway.

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